jan mute li lon e kulupu ni! sina ali li pona mute! ☺️ :toki_pona_flag:

I've been talking with some people on the discord and I think that the consensus is that the instance should be toki pona centered. tokiponidos are allowed but should be content warned. Please don't take this as anything against tokiponidos! I love you all, your work is great! I just think this might be the best way of going about this. This is a soft rule until tomorrow at least, but I do think this makes the most sense. ☺️

Hey there! We have had some people expressing confusion over some tokiponidos being used as it can be a bit confusing for beginners, I just wanted to ask for people's thoughts on content warning non toki pona posts. Thank you for giving all the feedback you have so far!

sitelen pona pi jan @ice li sitelen Emosi pi kulupu ni!

:sina: :ale: :li: :pona: :tawa: :mi:

Hello everyone, I am aware that there are some issues with people getting their verification email. Please check spam, and if you cannot find the email, request manual verification from me or another moderator. Major apologies for any inconvenience, I’ll need to look into this tomorrow.

@liputenpo o, toki! mi wile e ni: kulupu ni li pona tawa sina!


toki! ni li kulupu pi toki pona lon ilo Masoton. o kama!