Hey there! We have had some people expressing confusion over some tokiponidos being used as it can be a bit confusing for beginners, I just wanted to ask for people's thoughts on content warning non toki pona posts. Thank you for giving all the feedback you have so far!

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@admin "o len e mu pi toki ante ale" la toki kili pi toki pona li toki ante ala ante?

(toki kili pi toki pona li toki ni: jan li ante e toki pona li pali e ona)

@kita toki ni li toki pona ala, la ona li toki ante

@admin kulupu ni o tawa toki pona taso a

jan o ken toki ante e ijo pi toki pona. taso toki sin tan toki pona o lon ala.

@admin mi pilin e ni: tokiponido o kepeken e sitelen nanpa (sitelen Hashtag) sama . taso, mi wile ala e lawa pi kon ni anu kon sama.

@admin en la, jan o ken toki e toki ante lon kulupu ni. mi wile jan pi sona lili lon ma ni. ken la lawa sama ni li pali e ona tawa pilin weka.

Inli lili 

@yuvalne @admin tokiponidos li toki pona ala. Tags would work only if we could mute them. Sadly this is not the case (i think???).

Inli lili 

@janSema @yuvalne I think you’re right about not being able to mute them. I think that the instance should be for toki pona, tokiponidos are great but not every toki pona speaker is interested in them 👍
I think they will be allowed, but not as a focus and should be content warned

@admin @janSema mi kute e wile kulupu. mi pilin ante, taso wile kupulu li ete.


@janSema @admin you can filter tags! Just go to filters under account preferences, it's the same as filtering a word.


@yuvalne @admin oh this is good info. I’m still not a fan to add tokiponidos here but if admin tells everyone that they can mute the, that’s a bit better. :toki_pona_flag:

a, pakala. mi luka e nanpa tu. taso, mi wile luka e nanpa tu wan. mi ken ala ante. :/

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toki! ni li kulupu pi toki pona lon ilo Masoton. o kama!