I've been talking with some people on the discord and I think that the consensus is that the instance should be toki pona centered. tokiponidos are allowed but should be content warned. Please don't take this as anything against tokiponidos! I love you all, your work is great! I just think this might be the best way of going about this. This is a soft rule until tomorrow at least, but I do think this makes the most sense. ☺️

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@janSema @admin a! sitelen Emosi li pakala!

I think you need to finish it off with another colon. I’ve made this mistake a couple times as well! 😅

@mossy @admin it’s the auto complete failure 😨 :ike: I click on the emoji on the app but it always doesn’t work. :(

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toki! ni li kulupu pi toki pona lon ilo Masoton. o kama!