toki Inli 

@janale I’ll definitely look into these options when I get a chance! Something like this would be very cool

tenpo pana pi mun wan taso li lon. sina wile pana musi lon suno pi toki pona la o pana lon tenpo ni!

toki, ale o!
suno pi toki pona li kama lon tenpo poka 🎉 mi mute li kama pali e ijo tawa ona. sina wile kama la o toki lon ni:
sina wile pana musi lon suno pi toki pona la sina ken toki lon lipu sama. sina sona ala e ijo la o toki tawa mi mute.
sina pona!

tenpo suno ni la kulupu ni li jo e tenpo mun tu wan! 🥳🥳🥳

@janKakawe lon a! taso, mi kepeken ala e suwi e namako e ijo pona ali 😄

I have been able to address the crashes we have been experiencing today. I would just like to thank you for your incredible patience whilst the instance was down. sina ali li pona mute mute mute!

I would like to greatly apologies for any downtime you may have experienced today. There have been some problems with the move, but we are doing our best to address them

All email problems appear to have been fixed! Verification emails should no longer be marked as spam. Please also note that due to an issue in migration, 2FA has been reset on all accounts. Please visit your account settings if you wish to enable or renable it. Thank you for your patience, everyone has been great! lipu pana pi linluwi li pakala ala!

@maka I do believe that if you press “did not get confirmation email”, it gives you a list of possible actions to take, one of which being emailing the admin address. I’m hoping to get the confirmation email issue sorted today

The instance is back up! The switch to a new server has gone well. There does seem to be a problem with emails not being sent from the server, so until I can fix that, please DM me or email to request verification

Hello everyone. Following up on my comment from earlier today, we are planning to go ahead with a switch to a different server hosting provider. This will likely result in an amount of downtime and I will attempt to make the switch roughly from 08:00 to 12:00 UTC on the 31st of December (tomorrow). Other than the downtime, nothing should change on your end. This will hopefully mean that we will have a shiny new server for the start of 2022! mi wile e ni: ilo nanpa sin li pona!

On another note, we are looking at switching server hosting for providers as due to us currently being hosted on DigitalOcean, any emails sent by the server are being marked as spam. Expect further details, but the switch to the new hosting provider won’t have to much of an affect on users, other than a small amount of downtime

Show thread has been down for the past couple hours, but it should be up and functioning again. This was because of a mistake that I made in the DNS configuration, but it should be fixed now, apologies for any inconvenience. mi wile pona tawa jan ali!

@janSonja o, toki a! mi wile e ni: kulupu ni li pona mute tawa sina!

pona a! jan Sonja li pali e nasin linluwi pi kulupu ni lon lipu linluwi

@gregdan3 mi pali e sitelen kepeken ilo Inka (Inkscape)

mi pana e sitelen tawa sona pi kulupu ni!

I've just published an announcement/update video for the instance!

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toki! ni li kulupu pi toki pona lon ilo Masoton. o kama!