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Pronunciation question :sike: 

I could probably figure this out if I had my :pu: with me πŸ˜…

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Pronunciation question :sike: 

Is "sike" pronounced like "psych-eh" or s-ik-eh" or "s-eye-k"?

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Toki pona compound words I’ve figured out 

Tenpo suno (sun time) - day, today

Tenpo pimeja (dark time) - night, tonight

Ma tomo (house land) - city

Tawa lon telo (move in the water) - swim

Tomo tawa (moving room) - car

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nimi musi :nimi: :musi: 

Nasa li nasa 🀭

Nasa :li: :nasa: πŸ§‘β€πŸš€πŸ€ͺ

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toki inli 

In case you guys were missing it, Toki Pona has a home on r/place! (~740, 360)

teaching my dog toki pona, feedback welcome 

also working on identifying toys

ijo sike = ball
:ijo: :sike:

ijo linja = rope (need a command for 'tug'?)
:ijo: :linja:

ijo palisa = stick
:ijo: :palisa:

I'm not sure if i should be using ala or ike for 'no' or 'dont do that' in regards to correcting behavior, so thoughts on this welcome too!

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teaching my dog toki pona, feedback welcome 

So i'm expanding my canine companion's vocabulary and beginning to mix in toki pona with words he already knows. Here's what I have so far

ma soweli musi = dog park (the land for animals to have fun)
:ma: :soweli: :musi:

soweli pona = good dog
:soweli: :pona:

insa = inside (of a car, building, etc)

tomo = home

poka = i want you next to me now

kama = come on

tawa = lets go

lape = bedtime

toki a. jan sin li toki pona. 

Hello! I'm new to toki pona!

I've always been interested in and different ways of communicating and being understood. I'm very excited to be learning and to help myself i'm teaching some toki pona to my dog as well! You can find me under this handle at various places online and I'm in the toki pona discord too.

I'm sure my grammar and sentence structure will need work, so some gentle feedback is appreciated!

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the #conlang nerd in me is so tickled that more than one person has designed and/or build #tokiPona keyboards πŸ€“
There is a non-zero chance that I may try to make a pi zero terminal or something to use with the discord and at some point

musi nini (worlde toki) 

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toki! ni li kulupu pi toki pona lon ilo Masoton. o kama!