This year, my #Inktober plan is to use my own prompts and my own drawing method (which will have nothing to do with ink.)

Prompts will be generated by rolling 3 random story dice every day. I have 36 unique six-sided dice, so it means loads of possibilities. I'll take a picture and post it first thing in the morning, around 7:00-9:00 UTC+2.

Feel free to share the rolls and use them in any way you want :) Just follow this thread or the #StoryDicetober hashtag if you find them useful.

:ilo: :ni: :li: :ken: :pakala:
:sina: :wile: :pona: :e_: :ni:
:sina: :pali: :e_: :ilo: :ante: :mute_:

This technology is dangerous.
You want to fix it.
You create more technologies.

#theDaily #TokiPona #Day6

:ken: :la: :sina: :wawa: :mute_:
:ken: :la: :sina: :jan: :utala:
:sina: :ken: :suli: :ala: :suli:

Maybe you’re very strong.
Maybe you’re a warrior.
Can you grow up?

#theDaily #TokiPona #Day9



@ice great colors! just a quick note: sama is the prep in the first example, not tawa, so "mi tawa sama akesi." also, with sitelen sitelen, I belive you only put things inside of things when they are preps, so the following things would go after. other than that, I love your sitelen sitelen.

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@lipamanka Glad you like my experiments! That's right, for some reason I keep mixing up the order. Sometimes I still have a hard time with this simple logic, thanks for pointing this out :)

Regarding sitelen sitelen, I think putting things inside "tawa" may come from a stylistic choice from the author of the live renderer, which I often use for reference. I should probably stop using it.


@ice I'm no expert in sitelen sitelen, but it makes the most sense to put tawa's prepositional object inside of it, which in your examples it has none. (unless you talk about the monsi sinpin, in which case I would actually add a lon)


@lipamanka I guess I've been carried away by my usual interest for symmetry and I didn't think about this :)

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toki! ni li kulupu pi toki pona lon ilo Masoton. o kama!