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we had a little hiccup, but the instance is back and running!
@mossy is checking the backend to see what went on and prevent it from happening again.
o awen pona!

toki Inli | English 

I just listened to episode 339 of and Hank Green and Brennan Lee Mulligan were arguing about whether the inside of a car is indoors and whether a car is a building and I just wanted to throw pu at them

lipu ni li lon ala lon: jan pi toki pona li ken pana e ma ona anu ma tomo ona tawa lipu?
mi wile sona e ni: ma mi li jo e jan seme pi toki pona?

toki, jan ale o!
lipu li jo ala e kulupu jan pi toki pali. mi wile pali e kulupu la mi wile e jan. sina lon lipu la jan li wile kama sona e toki pali la lipu li pana e lipu jan sina tawa jan.
sina wile e ni: kulupu li jo e nimi sina la, o toki tawa mi! sina wile ala, o wawa e toki ni. sina pona!

Hi all!
I'm trying to gather people for a list on about #conlanging. That list means that anyone who is interested in conlanging can see your account on that list as an account recommended to follow. (There already exists a list for Esperanto specifically, but no list for conlanging in general.)
If you are interested, please let me know! If you are not, please boost instead.
Thanks! 😊

#conlang #conlangs #conlanger #constructedlangauge #TokiPona

toki Inli 

@kiliEpiku my bad, I’ll explain it!

a CW stands for Content Warning, and its the top part of the post writing part of in this post, the CW is “toki Inli”. you use it for warning people that a post contains something they might not want to see.

you have to click to see the rest of a post if it has a CW, which is great if (for example) you don’t speak english and don’t want to see posts in it.

lipu jan pi toki pona li kama lon sin!
sina sona mute e toki pona la sina sona lili e toki pona la sina sona ala li open kama sona e toki pona la sina ken pana e sona sina. sona sina li pona!
o pana lon lipu pi lon anpa.

The new census is here! Whether you know a lot, a little or you just started learning toki pona, you can and are welcome to answer.
Go to following link:


@tokipona do I answer the #TokiPona census in English or in toki pona

jan pona mi li musi e tenpo suno ona pi kama lon. ona li toki e ni tawa kulupu jan musi: o pali e sitelen sona o pana e ona tawa kulupu.
mi pali e sitelen pi toki pona. ona li pona tawa jan; jan li wile sona mute.
tenpo pi pini musi la, jan li toki e ni tawa mi: mi wile sona e toki pona!

mi kama jo e lipu!
tempo ni la, ona li jo e ijo mute ala.
mi wile e ni: tenpo kama la, ona li jo e mute.

alasa tomo li ike. tenpo pini la mi kama jo e tomo li toki e ni: pona a! mi o alasa kin ala e tomo!
tenpo ni la, mi o alasa kin e tomo 😞

sina wile lukin e sitelen tawa pi ma Seka la, sina kepeken e ilo seme?

mi sona e ni: jan Netelan li suli. taso mi pilin e ni: ona li suli ala sama ni.

tomo telo pi jan mute lon ma Netelan li nasa. tan seme la ona li jo ala e supa pi open ala?

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toki! ni li kulupu pi toki pona lon ilo Masoton. o kama!