tenpo pimeja ni mi tawa tawa toki suli. jan toki li toki e ma ni : ike pi mije tama meli li ala, li anpa sewi.
toki ni li pona mute a !
toki li pini la, mi toki tawa jan mute. ni li monsuta, taso mi pilin wawa.

mi pali e lukin ante kepeken kiwen lili. ona li toki e ni : "jaki li seli e selo. o kamalawala !" mi pilin e ni li toki e ni : o kama jo e len ante e len mute toki Inli (ona li toki e sama) 

i did some divination using sitelen pona rocks. they said "jaki li seli e selo. o kamalawala !". i think it means i should buy new clothes. (revolutionize your looks !)

“Oh, so you're cisgender? Cisgenders have always fascinated me. You know, my great grandmother was cisgender, and I identified as cisgender as well when I was younger, so you could say that I'm a bit of a cis myself!”

ru pol 

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once again, the real problem isn’t Ukraine joining NATO. Nobody was seriously discussing Ukraine in NATO in 2014 and Putin invaded anyway.

The problem is Ukraine’s potential to have a future with the European Union and serving as an alternative to Putinism on Russia’s doorstep


honestly that kinda makes some sense? some defenders of putin like to say that russia can't provide the same quality of life as france or germany or sweden simply because we're a different kind of people. at least when they're not scaremongering about gay or trans people...

i personally believe that's bs, and russians as people aren't worse than (or different from) other europeans in their character.

but ukrainians, to most russians, _are_ a "brotherly people". if ukraine were let to be a stable healthy democratic state with a flourishing economy, a lot of russians would start wondering why the same can't happen in _their_ country.

toki, jan ale o !
mun pi ante toki lon ma pona pi toki pona lon ilo Siko la, mi ante e toki "Alice in Wonderland".
tenpo pini lili la, mi pini ante e kipisi nanpa wan pi toki ni !

sina ken lukin e ona kepeken toki linluwi ni :

ma pona pi toki pona lon ma Siko la, mun pi ante toki li kama. ni la, mi lawa e ante toki pi lipu Alice in Wonderland. mi open pali e ante ni lon tenpo suno 3. o kama lon ma ni, o pona e mi mute !

jan mute li pali tawa mun ni li ante e lipu mute. ni li pona mute a !

ionchy's guide to buying chinese/japanese tea on a budget 

* DON'T go to the coffee & tea section of supermarkets. just don't
* go to the "international" or "worldwide" aisle, which is what western supermarkets call non-western foodstuffs
* don't buy the suspiciously cheap giant boxes of bulk teabags on your first go. they can be good but are also hit and miss
* sencha and (jasmine) green tea are good staples. oolong or tieguanyin for smth darker. puer if you want REALLY dark. if you want the kind of tea they use for English breakfast or orange pekoe it's usually just labelled "red tea" lol. matcha if you want matcha, genmaicha if you want smth that tastes like barley tea, barley tea if you want barley tea (this isn't true tea but it's very good).
* there's also more "delicate" teas like longjing and shoumei (these are like, yellow teas? white teas?) and they're okay if you can find them at a supermarket (not often) but they taste kinda grassy to me lmao
* I'm not so sure about looseleaf chinese tea bc the ones I encounter always look too fancy and cost a lot and seem like they're more for gifting. japanese teas come looseleaf often (sencha, genmaicha, that stuff) and they're p cheap
* if you go to an actual chinese grocer you'll see looseleaf tea in these rectangular tins, those are good (there's jasmine, red lychee, green)
* actual chinese grocers will also be waaaay cheaper but those are usually farther from where I personally live so I don't actually go to those places that often lol

daily tech tip

it's halloween today!!! hapy spooky season :witches_town: 🦇 🎃

toki Inli 

here's a poll about colors and how they are percieved. this poll is not mine, it was originally made on the ma pona pi toki pona discord server, but is branching out to other places, so i'm putting it here.
please answer it if you haven't already !

the biden admin publicly mocked the idea of sending free at home test kits to americans. now they're in the middle of coming up with a plan to do that.

an admin official privately mocked the idea of sending free N95 masks to americans. now the biden admin has come out and said they will do that.

Never let anyone tell you to be nice to politicians. The only time you can ever get them to do anything even halfway not horrible is by threatening and mocking them.

if cis people are allowed to burn down half of california with a gender reveal party i think whenever a trans person comes out, they should be allowed to burn down a police station

joe biden i am going to forcefeminize you if you ever ask me this again

like we can understand being a boy being pretty if he's afab or really really devoted, we can understand a woman being masculine if they're cis, but it feels like the acceptable avenues of gender presentation just kind of contort themselves to avoid me as some kind of prototypical example of a creep that gender expression is defined against

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toki a, jan ale o
mi sin lon ma ni !
n n n, mi sona ala e ijo toki la, o lukin e sitelen ni


toki! ni li kulupu pi toki pona lon ilo Masoton. o kama!